Acting for the Camera

Learn the techniques used by film, television, and commercial actors. Camera work differs from stage acting in many ways. Students discover how to convey emotion, mood, character, and tone for optimum effect onscreen.

When an actor works onstage, he/she is playing “to the balcony”. However, many successful stage techniques wouldn’t work well when applied to the screen, where viewer focus is largely determined by camera angles, shots, lenses, and editing. Screen actors need to develop and awareness of the scale and intensity of their physical, facial, and vocal expression and body movement.

Students in this class don’t necessarily have to be aiming for professional screen work. Learning on-camera techniques helps students of all levels improve body awareness, presentation skills, and clearer communication skills!

Instructor Laura Chaneski is a working professional camera actor with years of experience in front of the lens!

DATES: Wednesdays, February 15–May 31
TIME: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
AGES: 8–11
PRICE: $395