Cupid Grams

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending your loved one a

Musical Cupid Gram

  • Take a short video (up to 30 seconds) and include the following:
    • Wish your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day using musical terms.
    • Sing or play a short tune (any tune you want!).
  • Or you can also send a photo of you with your instrument and include a written message.
  • Examples of messages (written or spoken in your video) you can include:
    • Any instrument/voice: “Here’s a little ‘note’ to tell you Happy Valentine’s Day.”
    • Rocker: “It rocks to be your {kid, friend, grandkid, etc.}!”
    • Any instrument/voice: “Without you life would Bb.”
    • Baritone horn or Baritone sax: “You’re a ‘bari’ good {mom, dad, dog, etc.}.”
    • Trombone: “We be-long together.”
    • Brass instruments: “I would never empty my spit valve on you.”
    • Piano: “You’re grand!”
    • Drums: “My heart beats for you!” “Nothing beats you!”
    • Flute: “You’re abso-flute-ly awesome!”
    • Strings: “Thanks for fine-tuning me into who I am today!”
    • Sax, clarinet, other reed instrument: “Reed my lips: you’re the best!”
    • Or come up with your own message!
  • Submit your Cupid Gram using the form below. Be sure to upload your video or photo.
  • We’ll post it on social media for your loved one to see!
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