Lesson Policy Agreement for In-Person Lessons

Lesson Policies Agreement for In-Person Lessons


    Once your registration is complete, your lesson time and day remains the same until you inform us that you wish to change or withdraw.


    If you need to miss (cancel) a lesson, you must do so on your Teacher Zone account or by communicating directly to an Elefante Music administrator (not your teacher). You may be eligible for a make-up lesson if you cancel your lesson more than 24 hours in advance of your lesson. Refunds are not given for a student-cancelled lesson. If you do not appear for a scheduled lesson, and do not notify Elefante music, you will be marked as a “no-show.” No-show lessons are not eligible for a make-up or refund as set forth below.

    At no time are teachers responsible for lesson scheduling or for communicating your schedule changes to the lesson administrator.


    To qualify for a make-up lesson, you must give 24 hours’ notice of your absence through your TeacherZone account as set forth above. You must be a current student. Your account must not have a balance. If your cancelled lesson qualifies for a make-up, you have 90 days to make up the lesson as long as you remain on that teacher’s schedule. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are dependent upon the teacher’s availability. Make-up lessons expire 90 days after the cancelled lesson OR immediately upon withdrawal from lessons, including temporary withdrawals.

    Once scheduled, make-up lessons cannot then be rescheduled. If you do not attend a scheduled make-up lesson, the lesson will be forfeited.


    If a teacher needs to cancel a day or more of lessons, Elefante may allow a substitute to teach in their place. When a substitute is approved and provided by Elefante Music, the lesson will be held as scheduled. If a teacher is absent and no substitute is available, Elefante Music will issue a refund.

    If in-store lessons cannot be conducted, due to inclement weather or other events, lessons will be held virtually and policies remain the same.


    Lessons are $40/half hour and are scheduled in 30 minute increments. You must provide a credit card when signing up for lessons. Your credit card will be charged for the number of lessons remaining in the month at registration, and on or about the 1st of the month thereafter.

    We charge a $15 administrative fee for each student enrolling in private lessons. This fee is waived if the student was actively enrolled in private lessons within the previous 60 days.


    There are no lessons on the following 2020-2021 dates. These holidays are not included in lesson fees.
    Monday 9/28 – Yom Kippur
    Monday 10/12 – Columbus Day
    Saturday 10/31 – Halloween
    Wednesday 11/25 through Sunday 11/29 – Thanksgiving
    Wednesday 12/23 through Sunday 1/3 - Winter Holiday
    Monday 1/18 – MLK Day
    Monday 2/15 – Presidents’ Day
    Friday 4/2- Sunday 4/4 – Easter Weekend
    Saturday 5/29- Monday 5/31 – Memorial Day Weekend


    Elefante Music utilizes Teacher Zone for scheduling and payments. Through this application, students will receive lesson reminders and other notifications. You can use your TeacherZone account to conveniently cancel a lesson, view your billing and attendance history, and update your credit card. You may also easily communicate with the teacher and share documents through the “chat” function in TeacherZone. A free app is available for students through the iOS or Android app stores.


    We require at least 7 days notice to discontinue lessons and payment. You must submit a request to end via this online form to begin the withdrawal process. Notice by email, phone or other means will not initiate the withdrawal process.

    COVID Procedures for In-Person Lessons Agreement

    Parent understands and acknowledges that, in keeping with the recommendations regarding the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, Elefante Music requires that a mask be worn at all times, temperature checks must be taken up entry to Elefante Music, and if the student is not feeling well, the lesson must be rescheduled.

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