Musical Theater Camp Audition Materials

Auditions are a big part of any musical theater experience, and will give us a sense of your child’s performance background and comfort level with performing. Every camper entering 3rd grade or above should sing a short excerpt of a solo song on day one of each session. If your camper strongly resists the idea of performing a song, we understand, but we really, really recommend it. The “Littles” (entering grades K-2), are welcome to sing as well, but we’re not expecting it.

We realize that some campers may be new to choosing audition material, so if they aren’t comfortable bringing in their own audition piece, they can select from one of the following 3 songs:

When I Get My Name in Lights (from The Boy from Oz)

When I Get My Name in Lights (piano accompaniment)
When I Get My Name in Lights (vocal guide)

Lyrics: I’ll sit on a flagpole
Whatever the rage
Just to get my picture on the front page, and
Just to get my name
Just to get my name
Just to get my name in lights
Just to get my name in lights

In My Own Little Corner (from Cinderella)

In My Own Little Corner (piano accompaniment)
In My Own Little Corner (vocal guide)

Lyrics: I’m a young Norwegian princess or a milkmaid
I’m the greatest prima donna in Milan
I’m an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan!
I’m a girl men go mad for, love’s a game I can play
With a cool and confident kind of air
Just as long as I stay
In my own little corner
All alone
In my own
Little chair

Heart (from Damn Yankees)

Heart (piano accompaniment)
Heart (vocal guide)

Lyrics: When your luck is battin’ zero
Get your chin up off the floor
Mister, you can be a hero
You can open any door
There’s nothin’ to it, but to do it
You’ve gotta have heart
Miles and miles and miles of heart
Oh, it’s fine to be a genius, of course
But keep that old horse before the cart
First, you gotta have heart

If you would prefer to bring an audition piece that is not one of the above 3 choices, that’s great, just follow these 4 rules:
1) The song must be from a Broadway musical.
2) The camper must perform an “audition cut” of the song — not the entire song. The cut should be about 16-32 measures. This roughly equates to about 30-45 seconds. No audition cut should last more than one minute.
3) All songs must be accompanied by piano (no singing “a cappella” or bringing a recording; we will play the piano for the student), so campers must bring piano sheet music of the song. Please mark the start/stop location of the audition cut.
4) We need to hear you sing by yourself, so no duets, trios, or group audition pieces, please.