Testimonials & Student Achievements

I have been playing with both my school orchestra and jazz band. I feel I’ve really learned a lot and enjoy playing! I’m happy I can work with my teacher at Elefante on things I need to do for school!”

Ben, Upright Bass Student

Daseul is a great instructor. His instruction has helped me to become more comfortable in the jazz trio that I play in.”

Darryl, Upright Bass Student

“…Lessons are such a wonderful touchstone for us each Wednesday… You are bringing music into my home and I am so grateful.”

Diane, Proud Parent

The continuation of [3-in-1: Singing, Dancing, Acting] throughout the lock-down has been a bright spot in our schedule, thank you for continuing through everything.”

Natalia, Parent

“My daughter has always looked forward to meeting Ron every week for her lessons and that hasn’t changed since transitioning to home lessons. The entire Elefante music family has been a pleasure to work with.”

Parent (Anonymous)

Do you take lessons at Elefante Music and have a Proud Parent moment? Share it with us!

Lisa [is] incredible with the kids and made the classes so fun, productive, engaging and educational. I’m so impressed with how you so easily adapted to the remote learning. We can’t wait to do more!

Karen, I send my highest compliments to you and Elefante management. You maintained the utmost professionalism, flexibility and excellent communication throughout. Your organization stands out among all that I’ve dealt with in how you handled this transition.”

Elizabeth, Proud Performing Arts Parent
“Stephen has made tremendous progress this year under the guidance of his teacher, and his extended family in this country and abroad enjoys his video performances.”
-Julia, Proud Parent
“I have been playing a few songs for my classmates while learning at home. I’ve also played songs for my grandparents and family at home.”
-Noah, Piano Student
“[Darion] conquered 25 Hanon exercises and mastered several advanced classical and contemporary pieces.”
-Kristie, Proud Parent
“I have often been recording myself playing Piano for my grandparents to hear, since my grandfather was one of the inspirations that I had for starting lessons at Elefante Music. I also record myself so that I can ‘show-off,’ to my friends.”
-Wes, Piano Student
“I have been practicing more piano and I am getting better everyday. Just recently I moved on to the level 4 piano basics Bastien book.”
-Jase, Piano Student