Virtuoso Rental Program

Virtuoso Step-Up

Instrument Rental Program


a step-up instrument on a flexible month-to-month contract. Current renters with a student instrument can transfer all rental credit to their new contract!


the sound and feel of a step-up instrument. Most students see an improvement in their sound quality and technical skills on an upgrade.


the instrument at a discount with rental credit accumulated from your monthly payments. Or return the instrument with no obligation to continue.

Virtuoso Step-Up rentals include quality, reputable brands.

Choose from these models:

Jupiter JFL1000RBO flute
Azumi AZ1SRBO flute
Azumi AZ1SRBEO flute
Powell-Sonare PS51BOF flute
Buffet E11 BC2501N-5-0 clarinet
Jupiter JTR1100S trumpet
King Silver Flair 2055T trumpet
Bach TR200S trumpet
Conn 52H trombone
Selmer LaVoix SAS280R alto saxophone
Selmer LaVoix STS280R tenor saxophone
Conn 6D French horn
Jupiter JBN1000 bassoon

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