Ad and Sponsorship Requests

Elefante Music is honored to support local causes, particularly regarding music and performing arts education. Priority is typically given to organizations that serve to support music and performing arts education in our schools. We are also very involved in the New Providence Business Community, and are immensely proud of our commitment to the Brooke Healey Foundation, which raises much-needed awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research, family assistance, and scholarships, named in memory of Stefani’s daughter/Al’s granddaughter/Michele’s niece.

If you have an ad, sponsorship, or donation request you may fill out the form below. Please note that serving our community and its organizations is important to us, but we can not honor every request. 

Ad and Sponsorship Request Form

  • Please list the details of the request. For example: “The ad would be placed in the XYZ High School musical playbill.”
  • Please list the following:

    1) The ad size options available.
    2) The dimensions of each ad size listed in width x height in inches.
    3) The cost of each ad size.
    4) Whether the ad will be in black and white or in color.
    5) The desired file format in which you’d like to receive the digital ad (jpg, png, pdf, etc.).
    6) The email address for sending the digital ad.
    7) The mailing address for sending the check.
    8) The “make payable to” name for the check.

    Alternatively, you can upload your ad form as instructed below.
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • Please enter any additional information, comments, or questions in the space below: