Performing Arts Classes at Elefante

Our 10-week spring semester
runs from March 8th to May 14th.

Classes for ages 6 and up!

Acting Comedy

Make ’em laugh. This class shows kids just how its done. Learn how to “find your funny”!

Disney Extravaganza

Students learn best when learning feels like playing. This popular class sprinkles performance training with Disney magic.

High School Musical Obsession

This is the start of something new. Learn triple-threat skills via HSM! Sessions for 7–9 year-olds and students aged 10 and up.

Glee Obsession

Learn by doing. This newly-rediscovered hit series is full of iconic show-stopping numbers. Explore them with us!

Monologue Workshop

Monologue study isn’t just for actors. Build confidence in public speaking, and learn verbal persuation skills.

3in1 Acting/

Act. Sing. Dance. There’s no thrill like the thrill of triple-tasking!

Commercials & Self-Tapes

Study the tricks of the trade with industry professionals who have starred in tons of commercials.