Instrument Repairs

The Repair Shop at Elefante Music is a professional, fully-equipped musical instrument maintenance facility. We offer competitive pricing and fast service on all of our repairs. We can do major dent work and expert overhauling of all instruments, including professional and vintage instruments.

Repair Estimates

Estimates are given free of charge. To provide an estimate, we must have the instrument in our possession to give a proper assessment. Instruments may be left at Elefante Music and a technician will contact you with an estimate, typically within 1-2 business days. If an estimate is requested, the technician will not repair the instrument without the customer’s approval first. The turnaround time after an estimate is approved depends on the amount of work needed.

Rental Repairs

We pick up rental repairs from the school as needed, which we usually return within a few days. If you are renting an instrument and the student attends one of our regularly-serviced schools, please call us at 908-464-5928 or use our online form to request a repair. There is no charge for repairs that result from regular usage of our rental instruments. Some charges may be incurred if there is damage resulting from abuse or neglect.

Professional Development

We offer college internships and repair clinics, which provide a great opportunity for school music teachers to earn professional development credits. Click here to learn more about this program.