Student Resources

Useful content especially for students created by Elefante Music’s teachers and staff

Beginning Clarinet Beginning
Learn the basics of the clarinet, including assembling the instrument, creating a sound, and reading your first notes! Get Started on Clarinet
Beginning Trumpet Beginning
Learn how to create a sound, how to hold your trumpet, and play your first notes! Get Started on Trumpet
Beginning Saxophone Beginning
Learn how to assemble the mouthpiece and reed, how to hold your saxophone, and read your first notes! Get Started on Saxophone
Beginning Trombone Beginning
Learn how to assemble the trombone slide, how to hold your trombone, and create a big, bold sound! Get Started on Trombone
Beginning Flute Beginning
Learn the proper technique for making a sound on the flute, how to hold the flute properly, and play your first notes! Get Started on Flute
Instrument Disinfecting This video shows you how to effectively clean and disinfect your instrument and mouthpiece with a few essential accessories.

Choosing Your Instrument Made Easy

Interested in band or orchestra and not sure which instrument to choose? We’re here to help. Our Choosing Your Instrument page features video demonstrations for the most common instruments available for first-year school programs.