Birthday Parties at Elefante

Elefante Music & School for thePerforming Arts is the perfect place to host your child’s birthday celebration. Our experienced instructors help you plan, set up, and break down your party, so all you have to do is have fun!

Most parties last for 1.5 hours with one hour of activities and 30 minutes of eating (and, of course, blowing out candles and singing “Happy Birthday”). We provide utensils, tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins in your choice of colors. We also provide an ice cream cake from Zita’s Homemade Ice Cream, candles, etc. Depending on the party theme that you select, the party also can include a performance for all the guests’ parents at the end! We have a separate party room where you can bring your own food and favors. You can come set up 20 minutes before the party. Our party facilitators/instructors will be available for food set up, distribution, and clean up. We only do one party at a time, so you will not have to worry about sharing our space or attention with others. 2-hour parties are also available. We look forward to celebrating this special day with your child and your family!

Party Themes

At Elefante, your party theme is limited only by your imagination! Do you want a Pirate Party? Right up “arrrrghh” alley, maties! Prefer a Taylor Swift Party? What you’re looking for has been here the whole time!

Here are some theme suggestions to get your party started:

Dance Party

Your party will include dance games, warm up, and learning a short and fun combination. If you like, drama games that help enhance your performance skills can be sprinkled throughout this dance-filled soiree! Do you have a favorite type of dance? Hip hop? Jazz? Ballet? Or are you obsessed with a certain recording artist? Let us know and we’ll work it into your party!

Musical Theater Party

Singing and dancing and acting — OH MY! Party like the Broadway Star that you are! You will play fun acting games and learn/perform a dance combo while singing along to a song of your choice. Warning: group improv games and dancing have been known to cause uncontrollable laughter!

Princess Party

Come and become a Princess for the day! You and your friends will dress up with pretty princess accessories and strut your stuff like a modern Cinderella! All the princess guests will play drama games and dance to their fave princess tunes. You’ll feel like royalty with a fashion runway, showing off your sparkly threads.

Puppet Party

If you love to play and pretend with puppets, then this is the party for you! We will have fun warm ups with the group, and expand our imagination with creative games. Party-goers can choose one of our adorable hand puppets to use for the duration of the party! We’ll name them and play games with them and finally read a story that includes participation from all our Puppet guests!

Create your own party!

Do you like what you’re reading but want a different theme? Beach Party? Knights and Dragons? Pajama Party? Super Heroes? Let us know & we can customize a super-fun party experience for your child’s Special Day!

For more information, or to book your party, call us at
(908) 464-5928 or email