Instrument Rental Terms and Conditions Agreement

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You agree to rent an instrument from Elefante Music under the following terms: 

• All rental payments are due in advance and are not contingent upon practice, lesson, or school schedules. 
• Rental payments are non-refundable. There will be no refunds for early contract termination of trial rentals.
• All active rentals accounts are required to have a credit card on file. We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any past due   amount. 
When your trial period ends your account will automatically transfer to a monthly rental.
All instruments returned to school must be marked with a Return Authorization number obtained from Elefante Music. If a Return Authorization number is not obtained, the monthly rental fee will be charged until the instrument is returned to Elefante Music.
• If your account becomes 60 days past due Elefante Music, as its option, can void any credits and/or send the account to collection. 
• Renter is responsible for the condition and safekeeping of the instrument. As the renter you are responsible for damage or loss of the instrument due to negligence. 
• Elefante Music is the only repair shop allowed to handle the instrument. 


FAQ’s About Elefante Music’s Rent to Purchase Program 

What is a trial rental? 
The Trial Rental is a one-time rental option that cannot be repeated. It allows both parent and student the opportunity to try a certain instrument without a significant financial outlay. Should the student decide to continue renting, the rental payment, less the maintenance charge, may be used towards purchasing the instrument being rented. Trial rentals, which include the maintenance charge, are paid in one up-front payment for the amount of time specified on your contract. 
What happens when the trial rental period ends? 
At the end of the trial rental period, your rental will automatically transfer to a monthly rental. Your account will be charged as follows: Group A:  $28.00 per month; Group B: $39.00 per month; Group C: $45.00 per month; Group D: $55.00 per month. 
You also have the option to purchase or return the instrument. 
Do my payments count towards the purchase of my instrument? 
All consecutive payments (less the maintenance charge) count towards the purchase of the rental band or orchestra instrument. Rental credit may only be applied towards the purchase of band or orchestra instruments. Payments can also be applied towards an upgrade band or orchestra instrument rental or purchase. 
What is the maintenance charge? 
The maintenance charge is a monthly fee that entitles the renter use of our comprehensive on-premises repair shop. You will receive regular maintenance and repair of your instrument. The fee is included in the payments described on this contract.  These fees do not count towards the purchase of your instrument. The maintenance charges per month are:  $6.00 for Group A, $7.00 for Group B, $8.00 for Group C, and $9.00 for Group D instruments. 
Are there any discounts for purchasing the instrument? 
At the end of the initial rental period, you are entitled to a 40% discount off of the list price of the instrument. During the first year of monthly payments, you are entitled to a 30% discount and thereafter 20%. 
How can I return the instrument? 
You may return the instrument directly to Elefante Music. During the school year you may return the instrument to school BUT Elefante Music must be notified to obtain a Return Authorization number. If you return the instrument to the school without first obtaining a Return Authorization number from Elefante Music you will be responsible for any payments that may be due up until the time we have the instrument in our possession. 
Are string rentals different from other instruments? 
Yes, string instruments can be exchanged at no charge for larger sizes as the student grows. The smaller instruments are therefore not necessarily the ones that you will eventually purchase. The payments that you make on the smaller instruments can be applied to the final instrument. 
How much are the instruments worth? 
Below are tables of instruments and their range of values. The variations can be due to manufacturer’s prices and if an instrument has been used or is new.

Group A Price 
 Flute  $560-1283
 Clarinet  $560-1531
 Trumpet  $635-1659
 Trombone  $720-1659
 Violin  $550-925
 Viola  $585-1330
 Bell/Drum Kit  $290-849
Group B Price 
 Alto Sax  $1129-2606
 Oboe  $1230-4449
 Cello  $1230-3199
 Piccolo  $799-1449


Group C Price 
 French Horn (Single)  $1345-4014
 Tenor Sax  $1370-3381
 Baritone Horn  $1450-3069
 Cello 4/4  $1450-3199
 Bass Clarinet  $1935-3804
 Soprano Sax  $891-3034


Group D Price 
 Upright Bass  $2228-2750
 Double F Horn  $3235-5289
 Tuba  $4698-5940
 Bari Sax  $4685-7404

If you have any further questions please call us at (908) 464-5928, or e-mail