Kids Music Week 2023 Registration

The 8th Annual Kids Music Week is October 2nd – October 8th, 2023.

This celebration aims to introduce new students to the multifaceted joy that music brings into our lives.

Elefante Music is participating by inviting our students to bring a friend to their in-person music lesson. The friend will be able to observe our teachers and their students’ exploration and accomplishments. Each student who brings a friend to their lesson will get a thank you gift, and if the friend signs up for weekly lessons, we will waive their registration fee!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Each student will be limited to 1 guest, and slots are limited to 6 per day, so make sure they register to save a spot.
  • The guest observing the lesson is expected to follow a code of conduct when attending.
  • Please arrive five minutes early for the lesson so we can check your guest in.
  • No disruptive behavior. Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior will result in a warning; if the behavior continues, the student will be asked to sit outside the room until the lesson is over.
  • Please actually BRING your friend, if possible. Parking is limited, so we would appreciate it if you could have your guest carpool with you.