Step-Up Appointment Request

Step-Up Appointment Request

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a step-up instrument, make an appointment at Elefante Music to try instruments and consult with our experts.

What is a step-up instrument?
A step-up is an upgrade from an entry-level instrument. Step-up instruments are made with better materials, added features, and more attention to detail. Step-up instruments produce a better sound and last longer than a student instrument. A step-up instrument better enables a student to reach his or her potential. A better quality instrument will give the response needed to allow a student to play at a higher level.

Can I try out the instruments?
Yes, we recommend it. Step-up instruments are a bit like trying on clothes. You want to make sure you like it before you take it home. Make an appointment with us to come in and “try on” a few instruments!

Why do I need an appointment?
Scheduling an appointment helps make sure you get the best specialized service. We want to make sure we have everything on hand that we will need to make the most of your time with us, including instruments and the space to try them out.

What brands do you carry?
We carry the brands that are most highly recommended and used by professionals and educators:

Sonare by Powell
Buffet Crampon
Bach Brass
Azumi flutes
Jupiter Band Instruments
Selmer Paris

How do I schedule an appointment to try step-up instruments?
Fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your appointment!

Step-Up Sales and Virtuoso Rental Appointment Request Form