Broadway Obsession

Broadway musicals are particularly good at capturing the imaginations of pre-teens and teens.

Every season, a new batch of innovative shows comes to Broadway. Many shows, and the performers who star in them, gain huge followings among young theater fans. Great performers and thrilling theater pieces inspire the next generation of creative artists.

Our popular Broadway Obsession classes use inspirational musical theater pieces as an inventive and approachable way to teach students all aspects of performance.

Students in the class get to choose which pieces and performances they most enjoy. Then they’ll sing, dance, and act their way through the works that move them. They’ll improve their musical theater performance technique as they share their enthusiasm.

Join us, and let the obsessing begin!

DATES: Wednesdays February 15–May 31
TIME: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
AGES: 10+
PRICE: $395