Music & Emotions

The perfect way to introduce music to kids ages 5 to 7! This class connects music and visual arts to help children explore how music makes them feel. They will learn about different composers and form a cognitive bond with the vast world of music.

Bring a mask and your imagination!

DATES: July 12 – 16
TIME: 11am – 12pm
PRICE: $125
LOCATION: Elefante Music – 1790 Springfield Ave, New Providence, NJ
INSTRUCTOR: Stefanie Santoro

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Stefanie Santoro is an instructor of flute, piano, and voice at Elefante Music. She is a founding member of Les Non Triolets and is a part of the baroque chamber ensemble Millennial Musicale Concert series. Ms Santoro teaches a variety of styles from classical to jazz, and her students range in age from kindergarten to adult.