Musical Theater Camp: Camper Groups

Elefante Musical Theater Camp is divided into 5 age groupings. Please note: groupings are subject to adjustment based on registration.

Littles The Littles are students entering grade K–1 in the fall
BluesThe Blues are students entering grades 2 – 4 in the fall*
RedsThe Reds are students entering grades 5 – 6 in the fall*
Green 1sThe Green 1s are students entering 7th grade through 9th grade
Green 2sThe Green 2s are students entering 10th grade students through students who have just graduated high school

The “Blues”, “Reds”, and “Greens” follow the morning conservatory-style class rotations (as described here) within their respective age groups and in sorted cohorts. At lunchtime and beyond, age groups combine for wildcards, small-group rehearsals, and full company rehearsals, but rehearse within cohorts as much as possible. “The Littles” follow their own specialized schedule, which covers acting, singing, dancing, puppetry, arts & crafts and more, but which does not adhere to a set morning rotation.