Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Congratulations on choosing the saxophone! To help you get started, we’ve created a video with a series of lessons that will guide you through the basics: assembling and holding the mouthpiece and instrument, playing your first notes, keeping your saxophone clean and sanitized, and more.

Along with the video, you’ll see a table of contents. In parenthesis are the times that those lessons take place in the video so you can learn at your own pace. Feel free to pause, rewind, and revisit these lessons until you are comfortable performing the things you have learned.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Demonstration (0:00-1:30)

Lesson 1 (1:34)
Assembling the Mouthpiece and Making a Sound

Lesson 2 (5:45)
Parts of the Saxophone
How to Hold a Saxophone

Lesson 3 (9:15)
Reading Your First Notes on the Music Staff

Lesson 4 (12:32)
Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Instrument